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    Monthly Archives: December 2016

Its curtains up for Taylor’s Mounties

Nottingham based haulier Taylors Transport Group has taken delivery of the last from an order for triggered in 2015.

Twenty trailers from the last intake have been equipped with Moffett Mounties, reflecting a steadily increasing demand from a growing number of customers for hauliers to handle the delivery cycle from end to end, including for the ‘initial/final few yards’

As company managing director Alan Taylor says: ‘Using Mounties at each end of the distribution cycle is not only more efficient for us – its cuts turnaround times, its often better and faster for our customers and it’s a boon to those who do not have either the correct or any lifting equipment, in-house.’

‘Certainly, we shall continue to use the trailer livery to promote our ‘initial/final yard’ capability. We will also continue to monitor demand closely and to plan our future trailer replacement and in-house driver training programmes, accordingly.’

‘Taylors is proud to have worked closely with Montracon for the past 5 years. Montracon is currently the sole provider of our trailers which are designed and built to match our exacting specifications,’ he closed.

B Taylor & Sons Transport Ltd operates a fleet of 200 trucks and 300 trailers, is a member of three pallet networks and provides a full range of services across the UK, Europe and worldwide.

    Monthly Archives: December 2016