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Montracon is the recognised leader in the development of the broadest range of high quality refrigerated and insulated trailers (Fridges) – from the standard single to the multi compartment/temperature – to handle all from farm collection of fresh produce to multi drop high street distribution.

For added fuel savings of up to 10% and more, Montracon offers the full FST (fuel saving trailer) package for new trailers. Alternatively, there is the option of fitting selected features drawn from the package either to new or existing trailers of any make.

With an enviable reputation for performance, longevity and low whole life maintenance and operating cost, the range encompasses straight and step frame models plus single and double deck, the latter up to 4.9m overall, for operation at up to 44tonnes gtw.

Fridges-BrochurePopularly required ‘standard’ trailers are available, ex stock; a range of factory fitted options are available for fast factory fit and quick delivery; bespoke trailers are built to

All trailers have a five year chassis/body warranty.

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