Montracon Refrigerated Trailers

We have developed a broad range of high-quality Refrigerated & Insulated trailers.

Tailored fuel-saving options to available across the product range

Bodies bolted to full-length trailer chassis 

Over 40 years Montracon has been producing high-quality Refrigerated & Insulated trailers and continue to innovate to the present day. Known for having the broadest range of trailers on the market, Montracon is always looking at ways to further develop its product range. Take a look at one of our most recent videos showcasing one of our latest trailers to come off the production line.

Proven Performance Record

With our proven performance record well known across the road transport industry, Montracon ensures that every trailer it produces has Longevity, Low Whole Life Maintenance & Operating Costs. At Montracon we know these are very important factors for owners & operators alike. With this in mind, our latest production facility in Doncaster ensures that all of our trailers produced are to the highest standard with Quality, Strength & Durability Built-In.

The Montracon Refrigerated trailer is available in either straight frame or step-frame chassis.  Montracon also offers a choice of Single or Double Deck Refrigerated trailers for operations up to 44 tonnes gtw. In addition, we also host an array of additional options to support you too. Download our online brochure here.

Here are just some of our great feature we offer;


Rounded Corner Caps –  For a smoother profile to reduce air turbulence

Body mounting – Bodies are bolted to full-length trailer chassis

Mavis – The Montracon Articulated Vehicle Interconnecting System

Rear Compression Member – minimising the risk of damage when loading & or unloading

In addition to these fantastic features, we offer several body options too, click here to download our online brochure.

Body Options:

Tail Lifts – We can provide column mount and retractable Tail Lifts

Fridge Units – We offer Carrier & ThermoKing as standard, other available on request

Moving Bulkhead – Providing added flexibility for duel temperature

Longitudinal Partitions – An alternative to fixed & moving bulkheads

Flooring – Options include aluminium or grit finish

We offer considerately more options for your Refrigerated Trailer requirements, contact us today on 01302 732500 to learn more or click here to enquire now.

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