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Montracon Has Sliding Body Flats Available

Montracon Sliding Body Flats incorporate the Netcap sliding tarp system which has been developed in such a way that it has combined all the benefits from different systems and eliminated the disadvantages. The Montracon Netcap sliding tarp system offers a versatile solution for covering and securing loads on flatbed trailers, providing numerous uses and [...]

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Sapphire Gets the Repair Centre Treatment

Sister company, Sapphire Vehicle Services got the Montracon repair centre treatment recently, when they re-furbished a curtainsider trailer for the Derbyshire based business. The work carried out consisted of new side guards, full shotblast and painting, re-build, new curtains, rear door livery wrap and new wheel rims in silver. Montracon's repair centre don't just [...]

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Tyne & Wear Access Take Delivery of Montracon Machinery Carriers

Tyne & Wear Access make the right choice with Montracon's Urban Machinery Carrier Montracon continue to develop its machinery carrier range by providing Tyne & Wear Access with the latest addition to their fleet, in the shape of an urban machinery carrier. With quality, strength and longevity built in Montracon machinery carriers offer a [...]

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Sliding Body Flats From Montracon

Montracon's sliding body flats are ready and available to add efficiency and versatility to your business. Sliding body flats have emerged as a revolutionary innovation in the trailer industry, offering a host of benefits that promote efficiency, safety, and flexibility. These versatile coverings, designed to enclose and secure trailer cargo, have many advantages that [...]

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ND Transport takes advantage of the Montracon New Stock Programme

Montracon deliver for tarmac contract company ND Transport The flexibility of Montracon's trailer manufacturing has really shone through with the MT45 Machinery Carrier trailer that was recently delivered to ND Transport. Taken from Montracon's new stock programme the MT45 was retrofitted with additional options to fulfil the bespoke needs of ND Transport.  Working in [...]

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Montracon’s Versatile Flat Product Range

Montracon's flat product range has versatility built in, we are sure you will find the flat platform trailer that's perfect for your business. Montracon manufacture three key trailers as part of their flat product range. Each one has it's own unique specification so that no matter what industry you work in, you can be [...]

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Longer Semi Trailers Manufactured by Montracon

Why Longer Semi Trailers are the wise choice when it comes to road trailer transport Longer semi trailers have been part of UK roads since 2012 to explore their benefits and potential impact on the transportation industry. Here are five reasons why you should consider using longer semi trailers as part of your fleet [...]

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Tri-axle GRP Box Van Available at Montracon

Montracon have a new 4.2m Tri-axle GRP Box Van ready and waiting Looking for a brand new tri-axle GRP Box Van trailer? As well as a range of brand new curtainsiders, flats and fridges Montracons brand new box van trailers are constructed with heavy-duty materials that can withstand even the toughest conditions on the [...]

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