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Main Features
  • Single, dual or multi-temperature configurations to suit ambient, chilled or frozen operations.
  • Single or tandem axle urbans. 8m to 15.6m.
  • Strength in the construction with bodies mounted to a full length chassis.
  • High gloss finished sidewalls, both inside and out.
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Fuel Saver Options
Fuel saving options can trim consumption by up to 10% or more – depending on operating conditions and the level of options chosen.
  • Rounded corner roof and pillar cappings (either small or large) smoother profile.
  • Slope roof air diffuser.
  • Vortex generators at the rear.
  • Side skirts.
Multi-Deck High Capacity Jumbo
Used in conjunction with easily removed docking bars that can be set at equal or differing heights, the Jumbo trailer’s capacity can be fully utilised – even with pallets of varying heights.
Developed for moving fresh produce at low ‘ambient’ temperatures, the Insuliner has insulated curtains, roof and rear doors plus a choice of fridge units.
Rigid Bodies
In addition to its extensive range of refrigerated trailers, Montracon offers a range of rigid bodies for two and three axle vehicles from 7.5tonnes gross weight upwards.


With over 40 years in manufacturing excellence, a Montracon trailer reaps dividends in the shape of Quality, Strength, Durability Built-In. Don’t just take our word for it here is what M & D Gent Services Ltd said…

“I am over the moon with our new trailer. It’s working great and the rear steer feature is worth every penny. I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone at Montracon. The sales and engineering team worked with me to make sure the specification met with my requirements.

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