This year it’s more important than ever to support charities wherever possible. Charities across the country are really struggling to support those in need due to the global pandemic.  This year Montracon has continued its support once again, and the team here wanted to do all they can to support local charities.

Montracon Donates Christmas Presents to Doncaster Children’s Ward

Christmas is the time for giving back and with everything that’s has gone on this year, it’s even more important to help those in need.

This year Montracon wanted to make a real difference to children’s lives in Doncaster. The team came together and ran a Christmas Children’s Ward Charity Appeal requesting present donations for children.

Due to the pandemic, the children in the ward cannot have visitors this Christmas, and we wanted to ensure all of them have something to smile about on Christmas Day.

The support our team has shown is overwhelming, with over £500 in gifts donated and well done to all the team is in order.

Food Bank Appeal

This Christmas Alan Fletcher, Customer Services Manager ran a collection for his local food bank. He wasn’t asking for money but for items of food which could be distributed throughout his local community.

Alan collected food items throughout December and subsequently presented them on the 16th of December to his local food bank.  The plan was for them to distribute on the run-up to Christmas. This should hopefully go towards making a difference to some families or people in need this festive period.

Food Donated for Alan’s Local Food Bank

The food bank is staffed entirely by volunteers who feel passionately about eradicating food poverty in modern day Britain, the volunteers give their precious time to help with the collection and distribution of food parcels to people in need whatever their situation.

They get together every week to provide the less fortunate members of the community with food, support and assistance with benefits, housing and have links to charities like McMillan. They supply food parcels and bags to provide enough food for a well-balanced diet over the course of 3 days.

Alan would like to thank everyone who donated to such a worthy cause