In 2005, Montracon introduced its New Stock Programme. Adopting the principles of building new trailer stock has many advantages for its customer, one of which is having the stock readily available with NO LEAD TIME.

Over the past 16 years since first launching the programme, our repeat custom is a testament to its success.

Where else in the current market could you find a Brand New Curtainsider, Box Van, Double Deck, Flat, Skeletal, Machine Carrier, Tipper manufactured in the UK & ROI with Quality, Strength, and Durability Built-in?

Montracon has a proven performance record across the road transport industry, which spans over 40 years. In every trailer, whether it be for our new stock programme or customer order, we are proud of the Quality, Strength, and Longevity of our trailers. So proud, our trailers come with a comprehensive warranty and after-sales service.

  • Montracon Flats
  • Montracon 4.425 Curtainsider Stock

Montracon’s new trailer stock customers are happy to endorse the quality of the products, here is just what one of Montracon’s satisfied customers had to say:

“Montracon is very competitive and the trailers we already have are certainly well up to the job, hence why we keep coming back for more. Montracon trailers have a reputation for their strength and longevity. We work the trailers hard and they have definitely stood the test of time”

Customer Stock Trailer Collections

Not got what you are looking for?

If our new stock is not quite what you are after, we will create a trailer to meet your business requirements. That’s why Montracon, is The Trailer for Road Transport. Click here to get a quote.