Montracon Curtainsiders for Simpsons Premium

Montracon provide 3 brand new curtainsiders for Simpsons Premium Ltd, as always manufactured with quality, strength and longevity built-in. Montracon curtainsiders are now part of the Simpsons Premium Ltd fleet. Initially providing three brand new curtainsiders, Simpsons have committed to ordering more of the same from Montracon. Craig from Simpsons has working hand in [...]

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Montracon Parts Have Moved Location

Montracon parts have moved into new premises within the main Montracon manufacturing plant. Montracon parts have moved. The parts department is now located at the main Montracon Factory, which is literally 200 metres down the road from the original location. Even though restrictions are easing, in the last two years,  lockdowns and brexit have [...]

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Keeping commercial vehicles moving. There are new rules for operating in the EU.

New EU rules introduced on 2 February mean information on some loaded goods journeys in and between European Member States now need to be registered on a new EU web-based portal before drivers set off. Known as a “posting declaration”, operators will now need to register the operator, driver, driver employment details, dates of [...]

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Box Van Trailers are Available at Montracon

Montracon have box van trailers available to order, manufactured with quality, strength and longevity. Box van trailers are available at Montracon. We have four different models in our box van range, so every angle is covered when it comes to the needs of your company. These models include our standard box van trailer, the [...]

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Postless Curtainsiders are Available at Montracon

Montracon have postless curtainsiders available to order, manufactured with quality, strength and longevity. Postless curtainsiders are available at Montracon. Manufactured to the highest possible standard, with our trademark quality, strength and longevity built in, the postless curtainsider offers more loading versatility. For clear loading operation Montracons  postless curtainsider offers a tapered cant rail with [...]

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Montracon

Montracon would like to wish all of our current and prospective customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  2021 has been a difficult year for the entire industry alike, and we are in awe of you keeping the industry moving in what has yet again been a difficult 12 months. Message [...]

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Brand New Trailers for Local Logistics Company

Montracon 'Pass' the test by delivering two brand new trailers to Doncaster company, Pass Logistics. The manufacture and delivery of two brand new trailers for Pass Logistics of Doncaster was a deal done via our sister company DMC Trailers. It shows our continued commitment to working in partnership and supporting local businesses. We are [...]

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Big Increase in Refurbs at Montracons Trailer Repair & Refurbishment Centre

Montracons trailer Repair & Refurbishment Centre is seeing a big increase in trailer refurbishments and repairs. Our trailer Repair & Refurbishment Centre is seeing a massive increase in refurbishment, regeneration and repairs in giving a second life to trailers. A mixture of lockdown and brexit has meant that customers are looking towards refurb and [...]

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