Montracon has fulfilled an order for 6 x 4.2-meter Postless Curtainsiders for Welch’s Transport. All these trailers boast a whole host of quality parts such as BPW axles, making them ideal for longevity on the roads. Effortless loading and unloading is achieved with the Montracon Postless Curtainsider option and bungee strapping system giving unobstructed side access. Equipped with Montracon landing legs ensures rock-solid stability when parked, guaranteeing safe and efficient cargo handling.

Welch’s Transport, based in Cambridgeshire, will use these new trailers to pioneer the roads for their freight, haulage and logistics needs. These trailers are a testament to the company’s infrastructure, boasting Welch’s 90th anniversary livery, and are equipped to assist clients of all sizes throughout the UK. Their decision to partner with Montracon and invest in these modern Postless Curtainsider trailers, positioned Welch’s Transport to optimise their transportation capabilities, ensuring timely deliveries and meeting the highest standards of service every time. This demonstrates Welch’s Transport’s commitment to the transport industry.

Lloyd Walsh, our Area Sales Manager said ‘It has been a pleasure working with the Welch’s Transport family to supply these eye-catching new Postless Curtainsider trailers. I am pleased that our relationship with Welch’s Transport continues which is testament to both our company’s commitment to high standards of service. I look forward to building on the foundations of our relationship even further in the future’.

Managing Director, Chris Welch gave his reaction to their trailers upon arrival saying ‘Our new additions to the fleet most definitely stand out in our yard. Our new livery designs proudly showcase our history and heritage as we celebrate our 90th anniversary. These trailers have already been put to work, so make sure to keep an eye out for them on the road. Thank you once again to Lloyd Walsh and the rest of the team at Montracon’.

Montracon is proud to be their partner and to help them achieve fleet excellence. Our commitment goes beyond these innovative Curtainsiders. We offer a comprehensive range of customisation options to tailor trailers to your specific needs, maximising operational flexibility and efficiency. Whatever the application, Montracon has the Curtainsider trailer tailored for the job.

Contact Montracon today to discuss your requirements and discover how our Curtainsiders can elevate your fleet performance. Call us at 01302 732500 or visit our website for more information.