Montracon have delivered 10 brand new Montracon 4.5m Postless ENXL Curtainsiders for McMurray Haulage Ltd. The curtainsiders featured their brand new livery after a recent re-brand. Not only that, as testament to Montracon’s service, quality, strength and longevity that are built-in to every trailer they manufacture, McMurray Haulage has also placed an order for a further 4 new Curtainsider trailers, with the same spec as the first 10.

McMurrays Haulage is a second-generation family-owned and well-respected regional business. Long established in Accrington since 1971, they are a modern warehousing and distribution company that delivers on time every time throughout the UK, Ireland, and Europe. Over the years they have developed strong relationships and a solid reputation throughout the industry and region, achieved by consistently proving to be reliable, flexible, and offering an excellent customer service experience. We will always meet our customers transportation requirements and commit to delivering on time every time!

Curtainsiders For McMurray Haulage

Curtainsiders for McMurray Haulage Ltd

Postless curtainsiders offer several advantages when compared to traditional curtainsiders with posts:

  1. Enhanced Versatility: Postless curtainsiders provide a clear and unobstructed load space, allowing for easier loading and unloading of goods. This design helps with the transportation of oversized or irregularly shaped cargo, improving overall versatility.
  2. Increased Payload Capacity: Without the constraints of posts, postless curtainsiders can often accommodate larger payloads. This can lead to more efficient transportation, reducing the number of trips required to transport the same volume of goods.
  3. Improved Safety: The absence of posts reduces the risk of accidents caused by collisions with obstructions during loading, unloading, or while in transit. This design minimises the potential for damage to both cargo and vehicles, enhancing safety for drivers and other road users.
  4. Streamlined Aesthetics: Postless curtainsiders offer a sleek and modern appearance, which can positively impact a company’s branding and image. The clean design also allows for easier application of custom branding or advertising graphics.
  5. Faster Loading and Unloading: With no posts to navigate around, loading and unloading processes are typically faster and more efficient. This can lead to reduced turnaround times, ultimately increasing productivity and profitability for logistics operations.


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