Montracon recently fulfilled an order of their MT39 machinery carrier range for Collection UK Tools. The MT39 will enhance the fleet for Collection UK Tools as they are designed to speed up loading and unloading. The features that you can expect from the MT39 machinery carrier range are:

  • Plated up to 39-tonne gross trailer weight
  • Low profile loading incline to rear and neck area
  • 300mm heavy-duty side rave
  • BPW axles
  • Rear steer axle option
  • Pre-engineered optional features for versatility and flexibility

And of course you have that Montracon guarantee of Quality, Strength and Longevity built in. As well at the MT39, Montracon also manufacture the MT45 Machinery Carrier. The MT45 negates the need for two trailers, where in the past you would need one suitable for access specification equipment and another for plant machinery. The MT45 is a truly versatile machinery carrier suitable to carry most product variants without the need for doubling investment in trailer purchase.

  • MT39 Machinery Carrier Range

Machinery carriers play a pivotal role across industries, ensuring the transportation of heavy equipment and machinery efficiently. These carriers are essential for construction, manufacturing, agriculture, and logistics sectors. One of their primary uses is the transportation of oversized and heavy machinery, such as excavators, cranes, and industrial equipment, from manufacturing facilities to job sites. By offering specialised loading and unloading capabilities, they ensure safe and secure transport, minimizing the risk of damage to valuable machinery.

Not only that, machinery carriers can enhance productivity by streamlining logistics operations. They enable companies to meet project deadlines effectively by ensuring timely delivery of equipment to required locations. These carriers contribute to cost reduction through optimised transportation routes and fuel efficiency, ultimately improving the bottom line for businesses. They also enhance safety standards by adhering to regulatory requirements and employing advanced technology for monitoring and securing cargo.

Overall, machinery carriers play a crucial role in enhancing productivity, reducing downtime, and improving efficiency across construction, manufacturing, agriculture, and logistics sectors.

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