Montracons Open Day is 21st September 2017, customer’s celebrate with Montracon

Montracons Open Day is an opportunity to celebrate the companies 40th anniversary. Since 1977, from humble beginnings in Northern Ireland, the company has steadily built up its product portfolio and brand presence. Montracon can now boast a multi-million pound business spread across numerous sites throughout the UK. This is a far cry from the company’s inception in 1977.

Montracons Open Day 2

Building what is probably the widest range of trailers available from any of the major European players, Montracon prides itself on its production flexibility. A nominal 5000 trailers a year capacity can be quickly ‘flexed’ to suit market demand and model mix.

Of one thing the operator can be sure: regardless of trailer model, order quantity or whether you are a major fleet or an owner driver, Montracon delivers you the trailer for road transport. A blend of high technology, accumulated experience and traditional trailer manufacturing skills. Montracon’s engineering excellence is the benchmark for others to aspire to. Its hall mark being the company’s use of the most advanced high-tech equipment available to complement the wealth of experience and traditional skills that the manufacturing and assembly line teams have accumulated.

At Montracons open day customers will see our latest investment in action. With our new shot blast and paint plant facility they will be able to witness first hand improvements we have introduced here in Doncaster ensuring Montracon continues to improve production efficiency, maintain steady growth along with introducing improved health and safety standards and reducing our impact on the environment.

This investment has also been driven by the need to continually re-map production flows and flexibility to match the still increasing model offering and rising demand across all Montracon’s ranges both in improving our quality and reducing our lead times. That said, Montracon’s production excellence has always been founded on solid engineering principles, with quality, reliability and longevity being the company’s underlying values.

We hope our customers enjoy what is intended to be a very informative day