R.T. Keedwell Buys Urban Montracon trailers

R.T. Keedwell has put into service its first urban delivery vehicles, with two new 9.7m length Urban Montracon trailers. Montracon are very pleased that the company secured their services to fulfill their trailer needs.

Replacing a 17- and 26-tonne rigid vehicle, R.T. Keedwell said it chose the Urban Montracon Trailers “As we feel they are more maneuverable and more versatile” than their predecessors.

The trailers will predominantly distribute pallets in Glasgow and Somerset. They are mounted on second-hand Mercedes-Benz Axor tractor units, which R.T. Keedwell said it chose because they will cover relatively low mileage.

R.T. Keedwell is recognised as a leader in UK general haulage market. Providing general haulage and transport services since the company’s inception in 1969. With a significant fleet of over 500 vehicles, a team of professional drivers, combined with an experienced management team and significant investment in technology, R.T. Keedwell continually drives innovative and cost effective transport solutions.

Montracon provide tailored trailer solutions for a wide range of road transport and haulage companies. All of our Urban Curtainsider models are offered with a full range of options, designed to maximise your operating flexibility and your fleet efficiency. Montracon’s Curtainsider trailer manufacturing is of the highest engineering quality.

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