Montracon have been delivering quality curtainsiders for the Asset Alliance group for over 10 years.

But it’s not just quality curtainsiders that Montracon deliver for Asset, it’s our wide range of other products that we have providing for the Asset Alliance Group for the last 10 years. Montracon trailers are known for their quality, strength and longevity, so it’s no wonder we enjoy long term relationships with our customers.

Asset Alliance

The Asset Alliance Group serve the commercial vehicle and bus and coach sectors with tailored vehicle requirements supported by award-winning lending, contract hire, rental and finance packages. Asset don’t just lend and provide a range of flexible finance packages, but they purchase, refinance and procure for their clients. They buy assets outright and tailor monthly contracts to suit their customers needs. Asset’s business is about saving customers time and money on vehicles new and used.  They are a full service finance and leasing business incorporating a complete asset management division to deliver real value to business.

One of the customers that benefitted from Asset Alliances’ flexible finance package and Montracon’s quality is Fleming Howden.

Quality Curtainsiders

Fleming Howden

Fleming Howden is a business that is long renowned for sourcing, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of Bakery Ingredients and Yeast products. They focus on delivering the perfect mix and in doing so, providing excellence to the Scottish Bakery Industry. Fleming Howden also focus on supplying ingredients, which meet agreed parameters for cost, quality and performance.

The specification Montracon provided for the Fleming Howden curtainsiders was:

  • 4.2M high
  • 29mm Phenolic coated plywood
  • JOST Landing legs
  • BPW Axles
  • Premium tyres
  • Trucklite LED’s
  • ENXL Rated
  • CV roller system

Quality Curtainsiders

Montracon don’t just work with Asset Alliance, they work with a wide range of finance companies across the country and whatever the application, Montracon has the curtainsider tailored for the job. Operators have the choice from a straight frame single deck to a high volume step frame double decker. These curtainsider models are all available with a fuel friendly canted roof line and side skirts and are also mounted on either tandem or triaxle bogies.

All of our curtainsider models are offered with a full range of options designed to maximise your operating flexibility and your fleet efficiency. Our Curtainsider trailer manufacturing is of the highest engineering quality.

To find out more about Montracon’s quality curtainsiders give us a call on 01302 732500 or have a look at our website here