3 Axle

Key features

  • Plated up to 45 tonne gross trailer weight
  • 1500mm galvanised neck
  • Low profile loading incline to rear and neck area
  • 300mm heavy duty side rave
  • Rear steer axle option
  • Pre-engineered optional features for versatility and flexibility

4 Axle

Key features

  • Plated up to 39/48 tonnes
  • Numerous specification available including “access”
  • Choice of ramps
  • Flooring options
  • 300mm heavy duty side rave
  • Rear steer axle option

3 & 4 Axle Extender

Key features

  • 39,000/70,500kg Dual Plated
  • Air neck ramp for ease of operation, no manual handling
  • 1 / 2 rear steer axle(s)
  • Lift Axle
  • Close spaced cross members
  • Full range of industry options & accessories

Step Frame Beavertail – All Rounder

Key features

  • 39000kg for 44 tonne combination use
  • 12960mm total bed length
  • 1290mm beavertail
  • Clip-on ramps
  • Rear Lift axle
  • Twistlocks

Machine Carrier with Curtainsider Body

Key features

  • 15% additional load capacity
  • ENXL rated option
  • All bolted construction
  • Front & rear ratchet tensioners
  • Fuel saver options
  • Load restraint options

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