Euroliner Trailer


EUROLINER TRAILER The Montracon Euroliner trailer is manufactured with quality, strength and durability Ideally suited for operations in Europe, but equally as suited for the UK. Our bolt-on constructions allow for easier maintenance and repair, and we have an array of options to choose from to meet your [...]

LST Curtainsider


LST CURTAINSIDER (LONGER SEMI-TRAILER) The Montracon LST Curtainsider (Longer Semi-Trailer) can either be a single or double deck and comes with either passive or command rear steer. The length of the Montracon LST Curtainsider trailer can be up to 15.65m and can add a significant amount of value [...]

Urban Curtainsider


URBAN CURTAINSIDER To make manoeuvrability and access easier, The Montracon Urban Curtainsider includes a Tail lift, Access Ladder, Butt Roller, Interior Lights, and Rear Steering. Combined this is the perfect solution for getting around in those hard-to-reach places.  The Montracon Urban Curtainsider comes either as a single or [...]

Postless Curtainsider


POSTLESS CURTAINSIDER The Montracon Postless Curtainsider is a proven design tried and tested by many Montracon customers. For a clear loading operation, Montracon offers a tapered cant rail Postless Curtainsider with no pelmet intrusion and uniform side aperture. The Montracon Postless Curtainsider can also be EN12642XL-compliant and features [...]

Curtainsider Trailer


CURTAINSIDER TRAILER Whatever the application, Montracon has the Curtainsider Trailer tailored for the job. The Curtainsider Trailer models are all available with a fuel-friendly canted roofline and side skirts and are also mounted on either tandem or triaxle bogies. When it comes to our Curtainsider trailers there are [...]

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