Main Features
  • Maximum cubic capacity
  • Bolted construction – to facilitate quick and easy repair of accidental damage
  • Fuel saver curved front roofline provides in excess of 10% fuel saving
  • High quality 900g/m2 2×2 weave welded strap curtains with Montracon designed heavy duty buckle.
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Deck Options
  • ¾ or full length 2nd deck
  • Mesh to 2nd deck providing easier checking of 2nd deck loading security before drawing of curtains
  • Fixed, swivel, butterfly and the more popular ractchet deck options
Wrap Around Curtains
  • Gives a full clear side aperture.
  • Ideally suited for pallet hub operations.

Take a look at some of our Double Decks below. If you would like to find out any more information. Give our team a call on 01302 732500 or click here.

Load security restraint options
  • EN12642XL rating compliant
  • Load security restraint options inc. Straps, Nets, Kites and retractable strapping systems
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With over 40 years in manufacturing excellence, a Montracon trailer reaps dividends in the shape of Quality, Strength, Durability Built-In. Don’t just take our word for it here is what Really Useful Products said…

“It is not just the quality of the trailers from Montracon that keep us coming back and ordering more, but the whole package. It is important for us to have a reliable trailer partner in our business, and Montracon is definitely that.

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