Listening Wins

Jordan Pike, Fleet Manager at Monex Group (a UK based Transport and Logistics Solutions provider ) sums up his dealings with Montracon in just two words – “They Listen”. With Montracon working closely with Monex Group, and involving the end-user right from the start ultimately led to Montracon securing an order for a bespoke machinery carrier.

The trailer, an access spec machinery carrier ideally suited for loads with a low ground clearance has been designed to include a number of enhancements; such as a full width hydraulic double flip rear ramp for easy access. Also included in the final specification is a mesh floor to aid grip and guide rails when manoeuvring the load on the bed of the trailer.

With ever increasing emphasis now being placed on Health and Safety it was not surprising to Montracon that there were calls from the end user to ensure the trailer was equipped with a fall arrest system. Hi-Vis hand rails, a pull out access ladder and two work lights fitted at the headboard provide secure access and movement along the deck of the trailer.

With the trailer already in service Jordan concludes “the trailer is a fine bit of engineering”. A clear example that shows that listening wins.