There is good reason why Montracon says that its trailer is “the trailer for road transport”.

Over 40 years of manufacturing and operating experience

Widest range of trailers available

The words may be few, but they mean so much: they are the customer’s assurance that more than 40 years of manufacturing and operating experience have gone into the design and build of their Montracon trailer, experience that reaps dividends in the shape of quality, reliability and long life, with the added but real result – low overall cost of operation.

Montracon does not ask you to take its word for it. A glance across the national trailer fleet demonstrates clearly that Montracon trailers are chosen regularly by all – from the high street names, such as supermarket chains and major logistics providers, though to owner-operators and owner drivers. A higher than average percentage of customers are long-standing ones, choosing to return to Montracon time and time again with report orders. Here is what Euro Packaging said:

“I’m extremely happy with the quality of the curtainsiders that we receive from Montracon. Not only are the trailers of the highest quality, but the level of service really makes a difference as well. It’s fair to say that the quality that Montracon provide really does fit in with our core brand values.”

Building what is probably the widest range of trailers available from any other of the major European players, the company prides itself on its production flexibility.

A nominal 5000 trailers a year capacity can be quickly “flexed” to suit market demands and model mix.

Of one thing the operator can be sure: regardless of trailer model, order quantity or whether you are a major fleet or an owner-driver, Montracon delivers you The Trailer for Road Transport. If you would like to view our product offering click here.

Watch our latest video production showcasing an overview of Montracon and its products & services. 

Also, in 2005 Montracon adopted the principle of building new trailer stock. This still continues to the present day, where Montracon builds limited stock amounts of each of its product range, in various specifications and colours.

The purpose of Montracon’s new trailer stock is designed around their customers’ needs. The stock is there ready and waiting for you when you need it. The beauty of this policy is that Montracon is always replenishing its stock. If we don’t have the right trailer today, it’s worth coming back periodically to see what is available. Click here to view our current stock. Here is an exclusive Q & A with Phil Ashton Montracon’s Sales  & Marketing Director.

What trailer types do you have in stock?

We have various trailers ready for collection in our stocked range, including Curtainsiders, Box Vans, Flats, Machinery Carriers, Tippers and more. These can be explored on our new stock page on our website.

What specifications are available?

We have many types and sizes available. From 4.2m overall height curtainsiders up to 4.650m tall-boys. There are flats, PSK’s and numerous specifications of the very successful MT45 machinery carrier. Come and find your perfect trailer match on our new stock page. There you will find details of the stock available, what is coming through and the specifications on each.

Why buy with Montracon?

Montracon manufactures high-quality trailers right here in the UK. In addition, we ensure that every trailer we produce has Quality, Strength, and Durability Built In. But don’t just take our word for it. A glance across the national trailer fleet demonstrates clearly that Montracon trailers are chosen regularly by all, from major high street names, leading supermarkets chains and major logistics providers.

Can I drive away today?

All of our stocked range is ready and waiting for you. What’s more, if we don’t have the trailer in stock right now rest assured there will be one rolling of the production line soon. With our on-going stock programme we are committed to providing a unique purchasing experience built with your business needs in mind.

If you would like to find out more information about any of our products or services click here or give us a call on 01302 732500.