A Montracon Netcap sliding tarp is designed to cover the loading floor of a truck or trailer quickly and easily so that the load is protected against weather conditions Hazardous climbing on the load in order to cover it is a thing of the past with a Netcap. Moreover, the driver is able to pull the tarp over the load in just a matter of seconds with one hand, while walking alongside the vehicle. Read more click here.

Major advantages of a Netcap:
1. Increases the safety of the driver.
2. Considerably reduces loading and unloading times.
3. Load is protected against weather conditions..

Watch our video to see the true versatility of Netcap system. You wont find this anywhere else as Montracon are the exclusive UK distributor.

The System

You can open the standard frame from the front and rear. That is why it is designed with a wide, extra stable trolley from the front and rear. Depending on the height and length of the vehicle, one or more narrow trolleys are placed in between.

The Tarp

  • The standard design of a Netcap sliding tarp comes with a durable 900 gr/m2 panama tarp cloth with PVC-coating. The tarp is available in nearly all colours and can easily be delivered with, for example, your company logo, slogan or even a complete digital print. Want to know more information? Click here or give us a call on 01302 732500