Montracon have been supporting the National Pallet Networks Industry for many years with it’s Curtainsider range

Montracon have been manufacturing and supplying Curtainsider trailers to the pallet networks industry for many decades now. Pallet networks companies like Palletforce, Palletways, Palletline and TPN to name a few, have all benefitted from Montracon’s Curtainsider range to transport their cargo across the country and beyond. The main Montracon trailer of choice for the pallet networks are the Double Deck and the Urban Curtainsiders.

Double Deck Curtainsiders

Montracon’s Double Deck Curtainsiders are well known for their quality, durability and many beneficial features. Here are some of the features/options available when you purchase a Montracon Double Deck Curtainsider.

  • Wrap around curtains ideally suited for pallet hub operations
  • Up to 44 pallet capacity (Maximum load potential)
  • Sloped Front for optimal fuel economy
  • Various Second Deck configuration available
  • Full Mesh second deck floor for better load positioning
  • Compatible with leading load restrains systems
  • Available in ALL Pallet Network Liveries (also their own)
  • Full ENXL Available
  • Low Maintenance – All bolted body construction, with galvanised front and rear frames
  • Competitive lead times


Urban Curtainsiders

As well as the Double Deck Curtainsider, Montracon’s Urban Curtainsider is also a popular choice with pallet networks. Built to the same high quality specification as the Double Deck, here are the key features of the Urban Curtainsider.

  • Single or tandem axle Specification at overall lengths to suit
  • Rear steer configuration
  • Tail lift options and all manufactures considered.
  • Full ENXL available
  • 29m phenolic coated plywood floor, designed for uniformly distributed loads to ISO1496
  • High quality 900g/m2 2×2 weave welded strap curtains, with Montracon designed have duty buckle
  • Low Maintenance – All bolted body construction, with gallivanted front and rear frames
  • Fuel saver options available.
  • Competitive lead times

Manufacturing Excellence – it’s why the Pallet Networks keep coming back

Montracon’s engineering excellence is the benchmark for others to aspire to. Its hall mark being the company’s use of the most advanced hightech equipment available to complement the wealth of experience and traditional skills that the manufacturing and assembly line teams have accumulated. This is evident in the quality of all our Curtainsider range.

Montracon’s production excellence is founded on solid engineering principles, with quality, reliability and durability being the company’s underlying values. These values ensure that all trailers bearing the Montracon name are manufactured to the highest standards. The success of this approach manifests itself not only in the increasing number of new customers for Montracon trailers, but also in the increasing numbers of customers who return with repeat orders, especially the pallet networks – surely a clear endorsement that a Montracon trailer delivers, not least on the bottom line.

So, if you are a pallet networks member that wants to benefit from our experience, expertise and quality in delivering curtainsider trailers to your industry, please get in touch on 01302 732500 (opt 1)  to find out more.

Our commitment to quality

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