With the ever-increasing emphasis now being placed on Health and Safety and louder calls from operators for even safer operating conditions for their employees, it’s not surprising that Montracon is being asked to supply and fit numerous features on its products designed to help reduce the alarming number of avoidable accidents that occur.

One such enquiry came from Pallex South West Ltd when they approach Montracon with their latest trailer requirement, a new 13.6m curtainsider decked out in Pallex Livery.

Having recently left the Doncaster factory to start work between the Pallex Hub at Leicester and Pallex South West location at Cullompton, Exeter, the trailer has been fitted with the very latest internal BPW Cargomaster strapping system.

The system ensures all pallets are individually secured to the trailer floor, and promises to improve loading safety, load security and vehicle turnaround times.

Handled from ground level, when loading, each retention straps is drawn along a track – on either side of the trailer – over the load to the position required, the suspended strap then being easily retrieved and pulled down to couple with a strap/tensioner secured to a floor mounted lashing ring or drop down cleat in the side rave.

Roger Tancock from Pallex South West Ltd stated; Competitiveness of the package on offer, the way Montracon worked not only with us but with BPW on the fitment of the strapping system plus the overall finish of Montracon trailers matching that of any on the market was key when we placed the order with Montracon.

Tancock continued, The BPW Cargomaster internal ratchet strap system has been recommended as the preferred supplier by the Pallex operations team and we are more than happy to act on this recommendation.

Here at Montracon, we listen to our customer’s when it comes to such features. Strapping systems are becoming more and more prevalent in the market place and Montracon offer numerous options to suit customer requirements. We also offer other load restraint options just like the one below.

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