Tyne & Wear Access make the right choice with Montracon’s Urban Machinery Carrier

Montracon continue to develop its machinery carrier range by providing Tyne & Wear Access with the latest addition to their fleet, in the shape of an urban machinery carrier. With quality, strength and longevity built in Montracon machinery carriers offer a multitude of advantages in various industries. Firstly, they improve efficiency by safely transporting heavy equipment, reducing the need for manual labor and multiple trips. This leads to substantial time and cost savings.

They also ensure the safety of valuable and delicate machinery during transit, minimising the risk of damage. They are equipped with advanced securing mechanisms, preventing shifts or vibrations that could harm the equipment. Montracon machinery carriers are also versatile, accommodating a wide range of machinery types and sizes. Their mobility and scalability make them perfect for construction, manufacturing, and industrial operations, ultimately contributing to improved productivity and streamlined supply chains.

Tyne & Wear Access

The features that Montracon produced for Tyne & Wear Access is:

2 axle Urban Machinery Carrier

Fall edge protection

Toolbox storage

Mesh overlay ramps and deck for extra grip when loading vehicles such as access plant.

Air-operated neck ramp

Double flip independent operated 12.60 wide ramps

Bespoke lashing points within the deck and on the sides


Spare wheel carrier

Tyne and Wear Access Ne Ltd are based in Hebburn in the North East of England. They are a small family run business providing the North East with access equipment and training. They have a fleet of over 100 machines from Scissor Lifts, Boom Lifts and Spider Lifts. Tyne & Wear Access also have a purpose built training centre that provides IPAF, PASMA, and First Aid training.

Upon completion of the order, Area Sale Manager at Montracon, Bob Acton had this to say:

“It was a pleasure working with Tyne Wear Access on the bespoke urban machinery carrier. After full understanding our customer requirements, I was confident the Montracon urban machinery carrier would be the right solution for Tyne & Wear Access. Thank you for choosing Montracon.”

Montracon are machinery carrier trailer manufacturers with a long history of manufacturing reliable, long lasting machinery carriers whether they are brand new or refurbished. Call us on 01302 732500 to order your now.