Why Longer Semi Trailers are the wise choice when it comes to road trailer transport

Longer semi trailers have been part of UK roads since 2012 to explore their benefits and potential impact on the transportation industry. Here are five reasons why you should consider using longer semi trailers as part of your fleet

Increased cargo capacity

Longer semi trailers have an extended length compared to regular trailers, allowing them to carry more goods. This increased cargo capacity can result in fewer trips being needed to transport the same amount of goods, reducing the overall number of vehicles on the road.

Improved fuel efficiency

By reducing the number of trips required to transport goods, longer semi-trailers can contribute to improved fuel efficiency. Fewer journeys mean reduced fuel consumption, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions and a positive environmental impact.

longer semi trailers

Reduced congestion

As longer semi trailers have the potential to carry more cargo, they can contribute to reducing traffic congestion on the road. By reducing the number of trucks needed to transport goods, it can lead to smoother traffic flow and less congestion during peak hours.

Cost savings

Longer semi trailers have the potential to deliver cost savings for businesses involved in transportation and logistics. With the ability to transport more goods per journey, operational costs can be reduced, including fuel expenses, driver wages, and vehicle maintenance costs.

Improved road safety

Subject to stringent safety regulations and requirements, they are designed to maintain stability and ensure safe handling on the roads. This includes features such as additional axles, anti-lock braking systems, and rear underrun protection. By complying with these safety measures, longer semi trailers can contribute to overall road safety.

longer semi trailers

Montracon have been at the forefront of longer semi trailer manufacture for many years and we can offer the following models:


Double Deck Curtainsiders

Box Vans


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